Buhari encouraged terrorism, Nigeria’s division – PDP

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The Peoples Democratic party, PDP, has stated President Muhammadu Buhari exposed his cluelessness during his interview on arise television.

PDP insisted that Buhari uncovered his paucity of thoughts on how to develop and unite Nigeria during the interview.

the former ruling party in a series of tweets referred to that a number of the president’s comments are capable of encouraging terrorism and similarly creating violence and division in the country.

PDP lamented that Buhari dodged an possibility to enlighten Nigerians at the works of his management through laying claims to initiatives of former administrations.

according to PDP: “The @OfficialPDPNig is appalled by President @MBuhari’s deplorable performance on the exclusive interview on @ARISEtv this morning.

“Our party is dismayed that at the same time as hundreds of thousands of Nigerians eagerly expected President @MBuhari to use the interview to deal with salient problems confronting our state, Mr. President bungled the possibility by being evasive and dodgy while attempting to lay claims to initiatives finished with the aid of @OfficialPDPNig administrations.

“instead of addressing troubles and providing path for our nation, President @MBuhari uncovered his cluelessness, paucity of thoughts for improvement while making very provocative remarks that could embolden terrorists as well as serve as a recipe for further division and violence in the country.

“On Infrastructure, it is ludicrous to us within the @OfficialPDPNig that Mr. President can disingenuously seek to subtract the deliverables done by past PDP administration from his so-called achievement on infrastructure.”

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