Earn and withdraw without referring anyone

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Earn and withdraw without referring anyone

Join Blenkas advertising agency. Earn daily and cashout weekly, just by spending time and doing the things you love.

If Facebook, Instagram and other social media platforms doesn't pay you, DEFECT to Blenkas advertising agency, eliminate meaningless work from your life. Work less, earn more, and spend time doing the things you love.

Presently, our economy isn't friendly, what's the essence of you staying online without getting anything in return?

If we actually analyse our time spent on social media platforms any given week, we'd find out that the vast majority of the actions we take have no or little impact.

Instead of sticking to comfortable things that do not work, why not join Blenkas advertising agency. Earn and withdraw without referring anyone.

YES, withdrawing on BLENKAS without referring anyone is SUREFIRE! Your duty is just to share our Sponsored post daily on your Facebook timeline, and as well as carrying out other income tasks daily. With or without referals, any amount you make, we will PAY YOU! 

28/02/2021 Is the D-day, do not forget. (non referal withdrawal) 

Yet to register? Chat any of our E-pin distributors to secure an E-pin for prompt registration.

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