Northern organizations oppose nomination of Lauretta Onochie as INEC commissioner

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Northern organizations oppose nomination of Lauretta Onochie as INEC commissioner

The Northern Youths Council of Nigeria, NYCN, has expressed reservation on the inclusion of the name of Lauretta Onochie, Senior special Assistant on New Media to Mr President as a nominee for INEC Commissioner.

The President and spokesman of the organization, Abubakar Isah and mock Samuel Kure, in a statement made available to BLENKAS on Thursday, stated, “The Northern Youths Council of Nigeria (NYCN) has receive with impolite surprise the referral of the name of Lauretta Onochie, the Senior special Assistant on New Media to Mr President and nominee for INEC Resident Electoral Commissioner Representing Delta state to Senate Committee on INEC for Screening and possible recommendation for confirmation or rejection.”

The organization said they erroneously thought that her issue had been positioned to rest and buried in a six feet grave casted with steel rods, stressing that the sudden resurrection of her nomination would not blow anybody good.

according to the statement, “As a partisan politician, we have available evidence to prove that Ms Lauretta’s appointment violates section 14(2a) of the 0.33 schedule of the 1999 constitution as amended which states that a member of the commission shall be non-partisan and a person of unquestionable integrity.”

The organization found that she had no any business serving as INEC Commissioner, mentioning that if she so desired to occupy a political office, it was advisable for her to print posters and strive her popularity among her people.

“She isn't the only capable person in Delta state that need to be compelled on the throat of Nigerians. If Mr President cannot do without her, he's free to hire her into any MDAs of his preference,” the statement stressed.

The organization believed strongly that 2023 would decide the fate of the country that is presently experiencing unique wave of agitation.

The announcement explained that the election need to be carried out in a way that is acceptable to all without Lauretta and possibly different partisan individuals as electoral umpires, stressing that if the election ultimately favours the ruling party, it is likely that contributors of opposition parties might not accept it as the will and verdict of Nigerians.

The organization called on Senator Ahmed Lawan-led ninth Senate and members of the affected Committee to put Nigeria first for once and reject the nomination of Lauretta, adding that they should not forget about that they swore with Nigeria’s constitution and the Holy Qur’an/Bible to work for the interest of Nigerians not an individual.

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