Northern youths forum select Bala Mohammed as presidential aspirant

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Northern youths forum select Bala Mohammed as presidential aspirant

The Northern youth Leaders forum (NYLF) Selected Bauchi state Governor, Bala Mohammed, as its choice presidential aspirant for the 2023 election.

The forum, which has been adopting presidential applicants on the grounds that 1999, picked Bala Mohammed thru a ballot  in the Adamawa nation capital, Yola, where delegates of the forum voted to determine between Bala and AIT founder, chief Raymond Dokpesi.

Bala and Dokpesi had emerged as the closing shortlist of a long listing of people who have been initially being taken into consideration for adoption through the northern youth Leaders forum, according to the forum’s national Chairman, Comrade Eliot Afiyo.

at the forum’s poll, which commenced Wednesday afternoon, Bala polled 116 votes while Dopkesi got 28, with one vote discarded as invalid.

delivering his speech after the election and declaration of Bala as winner, the NYLF chairman stated, “I hereby claim today the 9th of June, 2021 that the NYLF, the umbrella frame of 42 Northern youth Forum, has publicly recommended Senator Bala Mohammed as our choice Candidate for the 2023 Presidential Election under any political party.”

He called on all NYLF contributors in Nigeria and abroad to immediately commence consultations, lobbying and campaigning for the choice candidate.

“We need to use this opportunity to also congratulate Raymond Dopkesi who got here second out of 27 people that were shortlisted. NYLF has no question that Senator Bala Mohammed has the ability to fix our country.”

Fielding questions from journalists after the forum’s election, Eliot Afiyo indicated that his discussion board had adopted chief Olusegun Obasanjo for the 1999 and 2003 presidential elections, Umaru Yar’adua for 2007, Goodluck Jonathan for 2011, and Muhammadu Buhari for 2015.

He said however that the forum did not adopt any presidential Candidate for the 2019 election.

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