Ohanaeze calls for end to excess killings in Igbo land

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Ohanaeze calls for end to excess killings in Igbo land

Socio-cultural organizations in Southeast Nigeria, the world Igbo youth Council (WIYC), Igbo youth Consultative forum (IYCF) and Igbo student Congress (ISC), have appealed to all the parties causing mayhem and insecurity in Imo state and Igbo land as a whole to prevent wasting innocent blood.

The organizations in a joint statement made available to BLENKAS on Wednesday, on the end of the Igbo youth security Summit at Owerri, called on Imo state Governor and state governments and all stakeholders in Igbo land to take decisive step to end the killings in Imo state and Igbo land in general.

The Igbo agencies warned killer herdsmen Vacate  Igbo land On their own Good and mentioned that foreigners now Operate under IPOB, ESN and unknown gunmen to create lack of confidence in Igbo land, which they rated as the most peaceful part of Nigeria.

They further called on Ndigbo to be conscious of their safety specifically at this point in time, warning against harassment and humiliation of people at checkpoints in Igbo land.

according to the assertion which partially stated, “Ndigbo admire lives and homes. We do not waste blood and it’s outsiders which might be doing this.

“We call for the arrest of the soldiers that killed Mr Unachukwu, a German-based Igbo businessman and the ones that burnt alive the PA to the IPOB legal professional in a grisly way. The soldiers should not go Unpunished as we are not at war.

“The international community must intrude in the killings. The federal authorities should fish out the killer soldiers. we are able to no longer allow those waste of innocent blood.

“the ones who have no respect for lives have to leave us alone and have to stop radicalising our youths. Igbos are peaceful people however we are not cowards, the organizations stated. we will defend ourselves and our land.”

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